General FAQ’s

Q: On a weekly basis, how much time does AFROTC take?

A: During your first two years you will be required to participate in an average of 5-7 hours per week towards AFROTC. This consists of the following weekly routine: A 1-hour Leadership Laboratory, two Physical Training sessions – one hour each, and a 1-hour Air Force studies class. Additionally, you will be strongly encouraged to attend a 1-hour meeting each week with your “flight”.

Q: How often do we work out?

A: Physical Training is offered 3 days per week, Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. However, you are only required to attend two sessions per week if you are maintaining a 95% or better on the Mock PFA. We work out from 0630-0730. We workout either outside or inside, depending on weather.

Q: How often will I wear the Air Force Uniform?

A: Our uniform days are on Leadership Labratory days, which are Tuesdays. We will also wear our Physical Training Uniforms for our two-three Physical Training sessions per week.

Q: What are other activities available in AFROTC at Detachment 250?

A: Cyclone Squadron offers many extra-cirricular opportunities offered to Cadets. Cadets have the ability to participate in Arnold Air Society, Drill Team, Honor Guard, Recruiting Team, as well as various intramural sports teams.

Q: Do I need a scholarship to participate in AFROTC?

A: No! In fact, the majority of freshmen do not have scholarships before entering the program.

Q: When is the deadline to join AFROTC?

A: There is no set deadline, however, generally you are required to have at least 3 years remaining as a full time college student to complete the program. Contact the recruiting officer for more information.

Q:Is there an introductory summer program or orientation that I can attend to see if this is something that I would like to persue?

A: Yes. Before the school year begins, prospective cadets can sign up for the freshman orientation (FORTE). FORTE involves learning more about the detachment directly from the Cadets, some ice-breaker social activities, and even some introduction to basic Drill and Ceremonies. Another benefit of attending FORTE, is that current Cadets will help incoming Cadets move into their dorms here at ISU. It’s a great way to meet new people, get to know current detachment Cadets, get to know campus, and get a taste of AFROTC with commitment in a fun, relaxed environment.

Q:What classes should I sign up for when registering for classes?

A: Freshmen Cadets should enroll in the following:
AFAS 141 – Air Force Studies Class, meets 1 hour per week.
AFAS 103 – Air Force Leadership Laboratory and PT, meets 3.5-4.5 required hours per week depending on your physical fitness score.