Dining In

Dining In is a traditional Air Force dinner that the entire detachment attends. It is normally held about halfway through the fall semester. Cadets and Cadre dress up in costumes based on a central theme. The fall of 2013 Dining In theme was Olympic Sports. Here at Detachment 250, Dining In is held in a hangar at the Ames Municipal Airport.

The main interest at Dining In is the grog bowl. Plenty of different ingredients are added to the grog by Cadets including dipping sauces, juices, soda, and ultimately, a less than appetizing drink is made. After the grog is completed, cadets are encouraged to “grog” another cadet they know that may have made a mistake or in the end just embarrassed themselves. This grog doesn’t taste great, so cross your fingers you dont get “grogged!”

After the events have died down, dinner is served and everyone enjoys a meal together. Finally, a guest speaker address the Cadet corps. At the end of Dining In, everyone helps clean the entire hangar, including all the crumbs of bread that are scattered everywhere. By the end, everyone has had their fun, and Dining In is over.