A day in the life of an AFROTC Cadet



A day in the like of an AFROTC Cadet


By Cadet Kennelly


At 5:15 my alarm clock goes off. I get out of bed and try to turn it off before my roommate wakes up. While trying to wake myself up, I pour a bowl of cereal, which is always Raisin Bran. I then proceed to get dressed in business casual. I should be wearing my blues, but they have not came in yet. As I finish getting dressed, I pack my backpack with what I’m going to need for the day. I then head out to Lead Lab. Today Lead Lab is D&C, which stands for Drill and Ceremonies. We practice marching, presenting the colors, and standing at attention. When we are done, I head to my first class where I get asked why I am all dressed up. This happens every Tuesday.


After I get done with class, I go to the wing room in the armory to hang out until my next class. There is always something going on, pool, card games, talking, or getting a group together to go for lunch. The guys in ROTC are all pretty cool, and it makes college that much more enjoyable. Today we made a flipbook of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action figures – it was pretty legit. I then head out to my next class, Math 165 – Calculus I.


After all my classes, homework, and eating dinner. I head out to drill team practice, and no, we do not dance. We spin 13-pound rifles around trying not to hit ourselves or other people on the team; it’s a lot of fun. Drill team this year has a lot of people wanting to join, however only 12 people can perform at one time. So we held tryouts; the top 12 would perform, and the others would practice so they can improve and fill in if we need someone. After practice, we are all sweaty and a few of us pile into Little Lucas’ car. I would not suggest riding with him, unless you like your life flashing before your eyes.


It has been a long day; ROTC is a lot of work but it is worth it. You may not get to sleep in; you may have to do extra work. But the benefits are staying fit, motivation to keep your grades up, the friendships you make, and the fun you have. They are all worth it.